James Forrest Testimonial

Just saying........I think wee Jamesie could do without spending too much time in the gym when he's out of commission.

The fella looked like he was tugging a carthorse last night and the kit was putting out a restraining order for bring too intimate with the boy.

Low centre of stocky gravity was his trademark. Not being an advert for fitness first.

He may well be an elder statesman now (and thoroughly deserves his award), but if he focused on his sharpness and left-foot, then he still has plenty o' fuel in the tank.

I'm pissed off with this current trend of physique. Can you ever imagine the lions missing out on good drinking and smoking time to pump (wee blondies, or) iron?
Aww fukkit........in for a penny

Big Joe in goals is a gym beast. When he was younger, he was as agile and lithe as keepers come. Nowadays, he's more about 'conditioning'.

If Joe, Jamesie (and a couple o' others) dropped a bit o' muscle and focused on their artistry - then they could have at least 2-3 years of top flight, Champions League football at their fingertips and bootlaces.

The basics of football have never really changed.....if you've 'got it' you've got it. Strength and conditioning is for the 'wannabes', natural talent doesn't need gyms or fitness coaches.
When I took my kids back to Scotland for a once of a lifetime trip in 2009
No not because I'm a tightarsse although others might argue that way
but because I'm terrified of flying.
A friend from my school days in the mid 60s was great, organized tickets ect
for me and my kids, where I saw & heard about this young Celtic youth player
James Forest who my mate assured me he was a player for now and the future.
How right he was, with many great and not so great players & managers who enjoyed Jamsies skills and goals.
From generation to generation like me & my kids, & my grandkids who have all the Celtic gear. Some passed down from generation to generation.
(maybe I ama tightarsse lol)