Jordan Larsson


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If he is half as guid as his faither...get him signed.....I don't know if he is any good......if he never had Celtic connections....wid we be interested....I know he did enjoy his time in Glasgow when younger, and if he is as loyal as his dad then that wid be a massive plus


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We canny play Usain Bolt TET but some track record

HH 😂
We want an unknown quantity for 9 million? Coz he must be better than our players.

I would rather sign someone from scotland than Larsson son.

I decide to click first video of his best bits on YouTube and the opening scene was Larsson doing the Morelos throat cut gesture after scoring.

his clips were ok but lots of really ordinary bits

I pretty sure you could make much better best bits from all our own current strikers by taking all their best bits only and slow motioning them over and over.

Spartak 2nd in Russia with him on 19 goals is quite impressive but still far too unknown for me to be gambling 9m+

And bolt might be worth a shot tbh

it seems if your very fast but rather gash you still get valued at mega millions if the YouTube says your worth it

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