Journalists fuck me ???


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Just seen a report in the belfarst telegraph, It’s headline is RANGERS SMASH ST MIRREN to keep pressure on CELTIC it then give you a brief report that doesn’t mention the manglers getting four penalties ??? think the reporter was a certain MASON BOYNE???
Wouldn't matter to the Gullibillies what some guttersnipe journalist wrote as long as they won

They are so DESPERATE for success they'd take 3 points in every fuckin' match by fair means or foul

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There is no shame in their cheating it's in their DNA. I remember about 45 years ago playing against their youth team in a prestigous summer 7 a side tournament . It was generally recognised the winners of the tournament would either be them or us as both them and us were much better than the other teams .
I knew one of the hun players from my time on the fringes of the Scottish schoolboys squad and he laughingly told me the tournament was already in the bag the fix was in . In fact this guy once told me I should lie about being a Tim and join him at the huns lol
The draw was fixed and we drew them in the first round we got 2 players sent off ,me first for my first tackle in the first minute or so, then our star player shortly after .They beat us by 4 goals and of course went on to win the tournament . This was at boys level 40 odd years ago !!! And not a mention of the sendings off in the
paragraph report in the local rag just a statement about what fantastic youth team they were .