King’s Protestant Vow & BBC’s anti-Catholic John Knox joke


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Never like to hear of people losing their jobs, but I'm struggling here to muster any sympathy for them, I mean the poor wee guy who arranges the teaspoons is on the dole.

Would love to see him interview at the dole office, experienced spoon arrangers are pretty much fucked imho.
Could get a job at the BBC to feed the soup takers will bring own spoons

HH 😂

Bellshill bhoy

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Didnae know….aye right, wid the crush barriers at both sides of the street, or the wall tae wall police noo gie yi an idea something Wis going oan?
Or Wis he just being a billy big baws and trying tae show aff🤷‍♂️

Didnae look like he hud big baws when the police face planted him tae the pavement and slapped the cuffs oan him, a wee 3 day lie in tae the courts open oan Tuesday with help shrink his baws a bit 🤣🤣


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Now 2 of the stupidest things ive heard lately down here in Englandshire...
1. A kid, say maybe 5 or 6, said to her mother, "why was the Queen called Elizabeth the 2nd mum". The answer. "Its because her mum was Elizabeth the 1st".
2, Will all the schools be closed on the day of her funeral? The reply, only the Catholic ones.
I shit you not.