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"Celtic have outgrown this parish. It’s time we looked at more viable and professional alternatives."

Historically speaking, it seems that Celtic has been the horse drawing Scottish football's cart for quite some time now, most of the time being abused by those who think they're driving the cart. I don't have the data in front of me, but I'm going to guess that home attendance for clubs like Hamilton and Ross County spikes significantly when Celtic plays there, as opposed to, say, when Kilmarnock or Motherwell visit.

Without that boost of income, those clubs will definitely suffer. Arguably, some clubs and even the SPFL itself could go under without Celtic.

That said, I would hope that the dynamic that Celtic carries this league is not lost on the rest of the clubs, and Celtic's reach internationally -- especially outside of the UK and Europe -- is not ignored.

Niall J hit the nail on the head with this article, and it may be time to move on. It will be interesting to see whether the other clubs, or the governing body, moves to try to keep us here.

Thanks, Niall!

Bridie Bhoy

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Did you know Deloitte were running a Covid-19 testing centre from....wait for it now......you guessed it...Chessington World of Adventures Theme Park in South London. They were supposed to be testing NHS and care home staff. They mucked it up big time, sending wrong results to the wrong people. They still got paid though.
I can only assume Deloitte give money to the conservative and unionist party.
Yes, absolutely scandalous cronyism at its worst. However, they know about auditing although feck all about running a medical testing centre.

The Shamrock

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