Leaked - Is this the SPFL's Radical Restructuring Plan to save Scottish Football?

Winning Captains Bolingoli

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They need to scrap the split it's a stupid concept see it's now the top 8 teams ,are they hoping the tax dodgers can still make the top 8, also the tv companys wanting 4 glasgow derbys reeks of a fixed league , what if sevco are 9th what happens then
You’re right. Need to tell sky to f@@k off. Guaranteed 4 games against the huns for the pittance they pay us is bullshit if you ask me. We should be looking after our game. What’s best for it instead of chasing the scraps that the likes of sky throw at us.👍


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This is the mob that are shouting about a null and void, check the fucking dates on their show including the live one on just now. Should have went to school. So much for a monkey out the zoo could take a photo.