Lennon Adds Another Keeper On His Target List

Niall J

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Celtic fans have shown loyalty in abundance. The club were willing to give him a permanent deal after another year loan. This is not about 2 clubs agreeing, so therefore player is the problem, it's about Celtic admitting that bar 4 games of income from last season their coffers remain full. Forster will move here for a permanent deal this season-minus the loan option. That is the security he deserves. Give him it.


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I read your post, Doc. Maybe you should learn to read. You said:

And I answered, not necessarily.

We don't really need to sign a keeper better than Scott Bain. Don't know what's so hard to understand about that statement.
"We will sign another keeper who will have to be better than Scott Bain if he wants to wear the jersey."

Selective quoting icafiero. Dirty trick. Which part of IF is so hard to understand. My comment was that that another keeper would have to be better than Bain IF he wanted to wear the jersey.


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Fraser Forster is the best goalkeeper Celtic have ever had, but some way in my opinion.

Scott Bain is decent and dependable, nestled just behind Javier Sanchez Broto in the list of recent 'keepers.

If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor.