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Winning Captains

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I watched their game v Hertha Berlin a few weeks ago which ended in a 1-1 draw. I thought, okay they are probably slightly better than us but that might have been impacted by what was a freakish score at Celtic Park against them. We're better than Hertha - I expect a much closer contest tonight (result wise) and maybe we'll get the benefit of all the luck and a goalkeeping performing at his absolute best...1-1.

John nó

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So looking forward to this match tonight, as I missed the last European match, and feels like an age since I actually seen a team wanting to play football against us.
Nice to go into a game where preformance can be looked at more so than the result imo.
What I mean by that is I still remain undecided as to what might suit us best on the bigger picture within European football this season. Still believe that we aren't to far away from being classed as a very worthy CL team and tonight would only confirm that especially with a win which remains a high possibility imo.
Yet last time out we got badly punished with mistakes, being to open and not being clinical enough in front of goal, all factors we have generally improved upon, but factors that have costed us so dearly in the past within European football.
Last time out the result wasn't a fair reflection upon the match and think a far more different celtic will be on show tonight.
This season was really about showing a big improvement within European football and believe that mission has already been achieved, so for tonight it all about just how far we could potentially go in European competition this season.
Hence why I wouldn't be to concurned if the result went against us tonight as I still feel that becoming the first winners of the European conference is a potentially very real possibility.
Get the win and we can really begin to look forward to where we should be, back among the elite of European football and getting a decent preformance and result tonight would only confirm that.
Think this team has got great character and a wonderful team spirit about it, to get the result tonight so a 2-1 win for Celtic tonight


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This is a tricky one from we played them last we have come on leaps and bounds no mater what the score is tonight that's a fact.I fancy us to take something from this match.thier manager spoke about how much celtic has improved and that we were in transition he was spot on.as this season goes on we will get stronger there will be the odd blip but I'm delighted with the manager and the squad keep er lite.