Light show, or sign McGinn ? 🤔

Great night - huns must be sick - fantastic platform for great European victory. Well done to every player because the majority were at the top of their game to overcome a very good German team. I did notice today that prior to the match we were going to get humped but now we won against a below average team? That's when you know they are hurting and our bhoys were excellent HH :cool:
Not sure about the lights, all very nice n flashy but maybe if it had more of a Celtic flavour. Last nite I kinda felt I was in the middle of a Lucozade advert!
Maestro I get what you are saying but if you look at the German press today they are purring over Celtic Park. We moved to a different level last night and incidentally I thought they kind of held back on the full capabilities of the light show. There were huns this morning seriously sick about the light show and the spectacle of Celtic Park last night. I had a phone call from a mate in France who acknowledged it was amazing atmosphere he'd watched it in a bar in Paris. Alex McLeish does not know how to utilise our players and the McGinn saga - Aston Villa has gone fairly quiet. HH This is how it feels to be Celtic :cool::cool::cool:
Why do we keep concerning ourselves with the huns? We’re miles ahead of them in more ways than one.I’m not a fan of the lights but each to they’re own,the most important thing about last night was a victory and keeping the chance of qualification a possibility as long as possible.Why waste our thoughts on a club that under previous owners despised us,cheated,came back under a false pretence and still hate us but with jealousy added in.Anything we do is about Celtic and only Celtic.HH
The lights add another dimension to the stadia. Imagine going to see The red hot chilli peppers and the lights start there magic......its all about revenue streams for the club me personally fantastic foresight from the board well done.👏👏
Gies the lights aw day I mean aw night,McGinn had the chance tae come to PARADISE on good dollar but villa offered him more so good luck tae him.He can take his 5 good games a year tae villa.If he had joined us wee Christie would not have got a look in anyway so its the disco lights for me hail hail DISCO STU 🕺 🕺🕺🕺