McGinn, the man who should be tim..


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Watching bits of the Scotland game between making the tea missed McGinns goal but saw the penalty miss,is Stevie Clark having a laugh allowing Dykes to take another penalty after the last one we saw where he got very lucky.
Scotland are in a worse position than we were with strikers,there must be 2 better strikers who can play for Scotland through birth or their granny,they say it cant get any worse,,would,nt like to bet on it..

Fuck up you neganon
Clearly you Canni boogie 🤣


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Scotland were great tonight... Tierney is a titan...McTominay is one of the worst footballers I've ever seen

The wee hun and ex Hun were good to be fair as well


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John mcGinn was always a stand out against us and i always thought hed be a great signing for Celtic.Some say he chose the big bucks ...i think we fannied about over the deal and lost the boy.Not the first time we ve fucked up over a transfer.
Most reports say he wanted to come to Celtic & Rogers made it known how much Celtic needed keep to bring in quality players like Mc Ginn.
It got dowm to a small difference in fee, while Celtic fucked around as usual Mc Ginn said Aston Villa came in and made him feel they appreicated his skills and wanted him
He singed for them & Rogers realised he had to leave Celtic, which he proceded to plan his exit.
Ps knowing how Celtic Management (DD) HAVE SCREWED OTHER CELTIC HEROS WHO ALSO HAD TO LEAVE CELTIC I UNDERSTOOD ROGERS LEAVING & I don't have the disgust for BR as I do for Mo Johnstone a totally different reason MONEY.

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