Meanwhile Over in the Land Where the Sun Never Shines


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FFS, Boab! Are they serious? First, where are they going to get the money when they're about to go under once again? Sell Morelos? For what? $1.50 and a bag of chips?

Definitely overdosing on Deludamol. Hilarious!
Cannot be many Peters left to rob to pay Paul, Larry. They loans are due to be called in, they staked the bet and are losing big time. Dishes and curtains are going next.


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Daily Rag trying to mix things and skipping over the fact that Celtic always put up the half time and full time results, when Killie scored their second the biggest cheer had already been done, never needed to wait until final whistle and the snide comment Celtics wifi been ropey, fuck off its 2020 at CP get a new phone or tablet, get over it DR your tip turned up a donkey.
Watch the moment Celtic Park tannoy announcer reveals Rangers' late Kilmarnock collapse
Post match interview, Gerrarrd saying Killie's goal was not a handball, listen to the Killie players celebrate in the background
Loving it