Michael Duffy Spl memorial tournament.


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A lot of good scores this midweek. Jinky67, Bellshill bhoy, Fisiani and the true People's Champion all share the yellow bunnet. TET, Docco, Larry & STG all got the widden spoon (not Bobo despite it being next to his name on the table).

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Did you give me the widden spoon personally or is the computer John Beaton 🤣
It’s well deserved either way

John nó

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Just a quick update so far this week, out of the 13 stuck on zilch points so far 😂
6 of them have backed a scum win today to avoid the wooden spoon.
As I'm not one to name the guilty parties involved 🤔
A certain amount of shame goes to jinky 1962, Bridie Bhoy, Stg, Gary 67, Bellshill bhoy and of course Steviebhoy67.
What a choice to have, a lovely wooden spoon or the traitors tag 😂😂😂


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Hibs game gets postponed
The Predictor has 1-1 as close, and 2-2 as result
Is there a formula when games are postponed ?
Just curious
Only asking cos me and a bunch of others were WRONG :LOL:
Must be Willie Collum making up the rules 😁
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Tony Watt...some player... :rolleyes: 😁
Motherwell red card, who knew ??
But no Swervco penalty, what is going on in the world ?
I had it predicted 2-2, so gutted, to have narrowly missed the exact score

Bridie Bhoy

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OK so it seems like Hibs rearranged game against Ross County and also Saturday's game against Livi have both been postponed. It appears Hibs were furious with being asked to play so soon after the cancellation on Saturday so they appealed for both matches to be called off as they have several players missing due to testing positive.

And yet Celtic were forced to play a team mostly comprising of youth players as virtually all our first team were forced to miss a couple of games despite all testing negative.

One rule for us and another rule for everyone else. I'm just so happy that Lawwell secretly ran Scottish fitba and made sure the sport was rigged in favour of Celtic otherwise we might have got seriously shafted! 🤬

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