Mind him???

According to Saul

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Rafael Shite!mind him?
Saw yer man in a bounce game against Hearts at Airdrie's ground and he was rank rotten. This was Henke's first competitive match since his leg break. He did a couple of runs, passed the ball rather than take his man on and just eased himself into the game then, when collecting the ball he was tackled from behind by ex-Celt Fulton and down he went. He was taken off and those in the ground all thought his career was over. How wrong could we be.As for the Brazilian, he played as if He had two broken legs.Shite by name and Shite by nature.πŸ’©HH


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Raphael Shite cost the same as Broonie.
The Brazil manager, at the time, had a scam going with agents to give average players international caps. Increasing their value for the European market. We got bumped for 4m. I remember at the time it was said that no one from the Celtic coaching staff had seen him play. Β£4m....bumped

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