morelos agreed terms with lille


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this should be interesting to watch πŸ˜‰
When the klub announce he has gone for an undisclosed fee, " 25m obviously " and then go out and spend peanuts on dykes and kamberi as replacements....

Arseholes will be lucky to see 10m in installments and that's including any bonuses...

green sprig

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No matter how much more-or-less goes for IF he goes,, there will be a contract put in place with so many clauses in it,and I would say all the clauses will benefit the buyer.
Whoever eventually get,s the wee grinch will know all about his temprament and his silly reactions to players challenging him or winding him up..
These people want to know they are not buying 2--3 red cards a season striker,maybe getting away from the cesspit will do him good,it certainly wont do him any harm.



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FF suggesting dude called Maja at 12 million euros being lined up as replacement.

Best comment for me, cant get my head round how weird they think,

"Another French tweet said €12mill which seems way out our range. And I would be wanting a superstar for 12 million"

they want 30 million for Morelos but a replacement superstar at 12 million euros

I would be stunned if Lille pay similar for an emotionally stunted halfwit when they could just buy a better player for 12 million euros for a player they must know a lot more about.