Motherwell v Celtic - all comments here

Sinclair must have some incriminating photos of Brendan to continue playing so abysmally but always be on the starting line-up. Incredulous.
He came on for Ollie tonight but aye, I take your point. He has to be braver in my opinion because for me there is an element of fear to his game that is holding him back from reaching the heights we know he can reach.


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sevco podcast " morelos is an absolute phuqin tool!!!""" "we bottled it" we're stinking" aw this is is too much! ma sides are splitting! "that performance was absolute shite" "graham shinnie bossed the the game"!!! hahahaha!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
The highlight are up on BBC sports, thur pish lots of empty blue seats after 🐵boy got sent off, nae wonder they're fvckin ragin



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As soon as I saw the team, I literally said 'this has 1-1 draw written all over it'. I get we need to rest players, but we don't need to make huge changes like this. We could've played that same formation with McGregor on the left (as we have before) and Ntcham in his more natural position. Remember the Ntcham that bossed Sevco back in Sept? That's the Ntcham we need to be bringing back. Playing him out on the left made no sense to me. This was a perfect opportunity to go top the league with all those games in hand. Motherwell are dirty bastards. And though the best and dirtiest Motherwell player tonight was the ref, Brendan obviously knows that we struggle at Fir Park at the best of times, yet still he went for this team.

Not that I'm hugely greetin about it. We're still just letting others keep the throne warm for us.


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Can’t believe we fucked that up. A good goal disallowed and Griff was utter pish the whole night culminating in a pathetic penalty. The only thing that takes the edge off it is they utter overhyped wankers getting done by the sheep.

7 changes smacked of arrogance and it ended up Rogers and us getting slapped. That’s three games in a row where we are misfiring up front and it’s starting to get on my tits.

Need to step up against Killie.


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How the fuck was it not a foul on Gamboa? Making 7 changes takes too much away from our aces - pace, movement, quick feet and star quality - we should have won but this emphasises what many on here have been saying: we're a man down at the start of every match. Roll on Saturday and back at the top of the tree.