Motherwell v Celtic - Sunday, all comments here

Bridie Bhoy

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Sod it - I'm going rogue. Its not like Lenny evens listens to all my free advice anyway!

Elhamed Bitton Welsh Laxalt
Frimpong Christie MacGregor Turnbull
Ajeti Griffiths​

Duffy (as striker)

I doubt Rogic will be fit enough for a 3rd game in a row so I'm bringing him on as a sub along with Connell. Eddy & Klimala can come on later to improve our goal difference. I'm keeping Broony instead of Dembele in case we need him to come on and close out or chase an overly physical game.

EDIT - how could I forget about Soro? I am crap amn't I?
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Buzzing for this!

My team would be...

Frimpong Welsh El Hamed Laxalt
Christie Brown MacGregor Turnbull
Griffiths Klamala

2-0 Brown (3)

While I do admire your sense of optimism, (considering what's happening with the team just now) it's kinda difficult to know whether its actually eager anticipation or simply the deranged ramblings of a madman. πŸ˜‚

No offence meant btw HH


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I'm actually at the point where I don't really care anymore....all I care about is health and the future of football in this country....I'd love the 10 as much as the next tim but ultimately outwith the teeny boundary of our country, it matters not a jot to anyone....only the other day I was chatting to the guy who owns the garrafeira in my town as we do every day about football and he has absolutely no idea or care how many leagues in a row or how many any club has won.....he does know like the rest of the population here how many European cups Scottish teams have won