Motherwell v Celtic - Sunday, all comments here


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I wouldnt bring Edouard or Ntcham on to this game at any point, no matter how far ahead we are. Eddy needs to fight his way into a winning team, not just cream off goals against an already beaten side. The same applies to Ntcham. They need to show theyre prepared to fight for a place.
Agree I would put the Griff on him and MOI bursting out off their skins to get back at Sutton but think that's Sutton's plan annoy themto get them
Playing the last person who wants Celtic to be pish is chriss


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Oh the wizard of Oz......he's on fire today. I thought he played ok against Spart too. For those that say he didn't track back and be more defensive have never watched him and seen what he is good at and what he isn't.
Defending - not good
Attacking - brilliant.

Seems to be coming back to form, hopefully he can be injury free. Injuries was why Celtic were prepared to sell for 4mill..... glad Lennon made it clear that HE wanted to keep him from the start fo the summer.

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