Mouthing off for months, then Lenny comes on Super Scoreboard and he soils his Union Jack pants!

THey got rid of johnstone as only dolphins could understand his high pitched screeching when oldco died plus he couldnt understand the club n company argument
They picked Rae ,,,fk knows must be they needed someone who could speak on the same level as the sevco fans , Dunderheid fergushon ,bawwy 8s brother was helping out for a while
The whole of scottish football coverage is filled with absolute roasters and from the outside looking in the rest of the world must think what we live in a semi illiterate country
You really have to look at the top of the media platforms who employ these fkwits and ask what made these folk stand outs for the job

Richard Gordon ,Jim Spence and sometimes Willie Millar i could listen to on the wireless and thats about it , never listen to phone ins a waste of time
Do you really need to ask Why these F%%k P%%S get the job ... Let's all hope they're still there for 10,11,12 .... In A Row


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As for Rae, Thompson etc, they talk the talk but wouldn't have the balls to take Lenny on in an argument about what asterisks should be applied to whom.

A pair of blouses that only open their mouths to please followers of Dodo F.C.
Lenny would of had more medals as a player if it weren't for the EBT's of the deadco. The Shame has some brass neck talking about Sporting integrity and asterisks.


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Mouthing off for months, then Lenny comes on Super Scoreboard and he soils his Union Jack pants!...Alex Raeā€™s Meek Response to Legendary Celtic boss Neil Lennon hints at his EBTainted Title Shame...latest from Niall J

Imagine you were as ugly as that wee fanny, the last thing you should want is being on the telly. Add in he's an inarticulate bumbling fucking moron, it makes it even stranger.

All he is, is a cheerleader for a deed club with a team full of pricks. Did I mention he was an ugly cunt?

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