Neil Lennon: Celtic winning 10-in-row would be up with Lisbon Lions


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What was achieved in Lisbon will never be bettered by any team on this island. I watched a show last week aboot Notts Forest and their Euro success. Tax cheat EBTeeer Souness said it was greatest achievement in Europe by a team from this island. I shouted at the TV " if they had all been born within 30miles of Nottingham maybe ya prick".
I can guarantee that no other team has won the European Cup with an 11 of locally born players.
I know I am biased but what those Bhoys did will always be greatest ever in Europe. We are the only ones to do it and it will never be done again by any team in Europe.
Ten will be fantastic too though but not quite Lisbon.


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Winning the European Cup will always be our greatest achievement no question about that as it's the pinnacle of club football but winning 10 in a row is a phenomenal achievement only bettered by the above. One thing is for sure, we're lucky to support a club where winning 10 league titles in a row is only our second biggest accomplishment. 🍀


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10 would be a massive achievment although winning the first n9 felt better for some reason maybe it's an era thing but none are as big as the European cup by a team of local lads all living within the reach of Celtic park as big Billy would say there's something romantic about this club

The European cup and Celtics winning of it always ignored by english media and airbrushed out ,the first british team to win the european cup , the first team to win the new european trophy as the old one retired to madrid and the only team in Scotland who won it and will ever win it

When you see the trophy held aloft by financialy doped teams remember Cetic was the first name on that trophy

,,,,others got to follow us