Never seen a Nuclear meltdown like it.

Aye, nowt like Huns in meltdown, seen a few of thePEEPUL types over in Cyprus supporting England, apparently to many Tim's in the
Scotland team. What about Gilmour, Paterson, Ferguson, Judas bastards. Jack & Soutter ach they're fuckin shit.

Aye, Engurland being shit didn't help they're mood either, also the rest of the Scots that where in the complex were also ripping the piss out them.

Aye the banter years are back.

They cannot stand not being the masters. They are the establishment and have a superiority complex that means they must be the dominant force at all times, whether it is by fair means or foul.

They hated the period from the mid-60s to the late-80s when other teams were better than the original Ibrokes club (RIP). So they simply bought players they could not legitimately afford except by courtesy of fellow funny handshake brethern within the upper echelons of the banking world.

Once Fergus kickstarted the Celtic revolution so that we were competing against them and their other people's money finances, they then resorted to illegally used bonuses and then EBTs to essentially steal trophies from every other club who abided by the rules. Not only did Murray NOT fund this success, but he extracted £millions in illegally used tax-free payments. Astonishingly the Hun Loving Criminals responsible for these horrendous tax dodging practices walked/wheeled away scot-free and Murray got knighted for services to business while his empire was £600m in debt as it headed to bankruptcy!

Hilariously, this all led to the downfall and eventually death to that club. So they simply pretended this never happened and carried on their suicidal old ways with a zombie club.

When the newco won the league in the Covid season (amazingly they were the only club who never had a single player test positive - despite many players posting on social media saying on several occasions that it had affected sevco players, avoided conceding so many stonewall penalties and yet were awarded so many "soft ones"), the only thing on the fans, players and staff's minds was not to celebrate winning but to riot while proclaiming their dominance.

Their lickspittles in the media do not help either. They continually lie to sooth their fellow sevco fans by blowing smoke up their arse rather than tell them some home truths.

And that baseless feeling of superiority and entitlement means that when they do get shown up to be inferior then they are gobsmacked and very very very angry.

That is why the angry bears who stayed until the end of the match to avoid the rush had turned their hatred onto their own kind rather than their locked-out despised rivals who are always wiping the floor with them.
Every word 100% I’m loving Hun loving Criminals The original FLC will be pleased to get a mention
It's so fucking irritating, full disclosure, I was sexually abused when I was nine by a 'friend' of the family. Fucked me up for years. To hear these disingenuous fuckers and their faux concern for the victims turns my fucking stomach. They don't give a shite about the kids, you can tell by how they ignore the EXACT SAME THING happening at their club. I was raised to believe that you shouldn't hate anybody, but I absolutely abhor every last one of those opportunistic fucking ghouls, using people's pain as a weapon is the lowest act I can think of. Huns now are worse than they ever were. They're a cancer on the planet.
Stay strong and take care
What they also fail to realise the lawyers have said the Celtic lawsuit it a trial case, they are gonna come after EVERY club after ours, the Huns Definitely had pedo’s directly employed by them, the “we’re a new club, go see the liquidators” excuse when an abused person confronted them won’t wash in court, when they keep saying they are the SAME club in all club merchandise and public relations

They should be careful what they wish for, while a £3 million compensation claim won’t send them down again, that’s their budget/war chest for another season gone 🤷‍♂️

The Huns have already had their door chapped re this unsavoury weaponised Hun favourite topic…..their response was to say you need to take it up with liquidators Duff and Phelps as it had nothing to do with us, the new entity. That was the old rangers.

A quite obvious admittance they are a new Club…..cheating, lies and deception comes easy to them…

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