New Deal for Edouard as Broony reveals how French striker Spooked the Rangers - Merged

green sprig

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Wish everyone on this site to enjoy eddy cos ma wee mind says he won't be here for long.......hope am wrong.☘☘☘
On this occassion Galway shawl I hope you are very wrong,, at least until season 20/21 when we complete the impossible dream...10 iar,,,which will become another part of our,s and British football history,,just like when we became the first British team to win the BIG CUP..HH

Winning Captains Bolingoli

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Bridie Bhoy

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New Deal for Edouard as Broony reveals how French striker Spooked the Rangers...

Good article - like Broony I also said WTF when we kicked for touch at the start, but it appeared to work as it also caught rangers off-guard too. Hope we don't do it too often though! Happy to see discussions with Eddy for a new deal - of course it is to protect us to ensure a larger pay-off when the vultures inevitably come to try to take him away, but it also rewards one of our most important players and hopefully it will persuade him to stay until summer 2021 at least.

Pope Mikus Maximus

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Aye, wasn't just Broony who had the "WTF ye doing Eddy FFS" moment think we all did. Get him on a better deal & a £35mil+ release clause, nae paying it up cash only.

Of course if the Lurkers see that figure they'll be claiming Moronless wil be at least £55mil in MSM tomorrow
BBC did a documentary on Morelos release clause