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😧oh a hope that painter that paints Celtic pictures like a drunk 5 yr old comes back on and posts a took orders

to all the newbies or should i say members who took out a 2nd account to stir the shit

start a politics thread ,,,,,,it's the quickest way to make friends
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Newbie or regular it should matter not. Its a forum for debate for like minded supporters or not so like minded.
A coming together of many differing opinions that can on occasion get heated but also has camaraderie and provides support from time to time in most cases from people we've never met.
From budding politicians to music gurus, photographers, historians, prophets, Doctors, comedians and even jiners its got the lot and more.
There are no shortage of characters from far and wide and sometimes we even talk about Celtic. What's not to like ....💚🤍💛


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Halo halo yir weclome ti thi noise
We talk sun 💩 oan here no me oh and dinny post Medja output or yill be Imatimed
And beware The big fitted yin. And if you want oan Oor Kelly’s guid books jist post cats and cute wee kittens he’s a Fermer oh and loves ti play wi his big Massey Ferguson Tractors 🚜
And if yir lookin fur someone who’s slept wi a Jiner he’s oan here.
But dinny get Steviebhoy to wire yir hoose up he’s a plumber but has a Heart that runs Green White and Gold one of life’s good guys.
So what the Donald Duck are you waiting for. Come join this dysfunctional Faimily.
Your not gonna regret it
Mon the Noise 💚🤍💛

HH 🍀


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Hello new members, in my experience there are 2 types of men, there are men who like cats and there are men with very small penises, so which are you?

We'll get onto types of females later, oh and the non binary folk, can't forget them....
Is it true that the wimmen oan thi noise ur a braw well hung and feisty hockey bats waving Amazonian hulas who want a bit o Hoopy

HH 😥

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