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There is an opportunity taking place if anyone is interested in obtaining the loan of a season book to admitt them to the Celtic v hun game.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Celtic Graves or United Glasgow or An Gort Mor or all three may do so and will have the chance of obtaining the use of a season book and admittance to the Celtic v Hun game.
The details once the winner is sorted will be given out to that person who donates the most to either one cause or if prefered he/she may split their donation between all charities and all reciepts of proof will be tallied up and entered as their total donation.
The lucky person will be named at 6pm Sunday plenty of time for arrangement to be made and contacts arranged. In the event of a draw, the names will be given a number and enterd into a hat and someone desaignated to call out the number.

An Gorta MΓ³r Glasgow
We're Building a Famine Memorial in Glasgow


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Guys as you know if you're not a season ticket holder the chances are slim to get one. It's to raise cash for good causes cos that's what we do. We think of others. Go on and do some good and watch us play them off the park from a great seat.
What sort of travel and hospitality are you including Stevie?

Only kidding mate, its another good thing you're doing HH.