No Huns in Paradise

Bridie Bhoy

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Or their disabled fans, who were overwhelmed by the horde, as they tried to get at our players, who went to celebrate with the 800 Celtic fans in attendance
They are the problem and the sooner their klub is allowed to cease and desist to be a stain on Scotland, the better
Or their poor disabled fans who were hurt when the klan celebrated a late winner by dancing on the corrugated iron roof covering the wheelchair area? It might been at Kilmarnock???

Rather than blame that mob they instead tried to blame the home stewards for being overwhelmed by their misbehaving fucktards.


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Such petty, insecure wee guys the other side of the Clyde, eh. 😁

I love how we broke them havin a perty in the Broom"loan".

That wee Ross Munster... i mean Eddie Wilson...I'm unsure now - anyway the wee squashed fanny-faced guy; he'll be ousted as a "rattler" before the new season, and the new head-Zombie will agree to a Euro allocation. 😁

In saying that- Feckin roll on April 8th! 60,000 hoops without a protecter of statues and benches within smelling distance.

Jelly and Ice cream?


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Horrible next fear is for our players safety as the rabid haters have no one else to focus their hatred on.
Can you imagine we are winning 3 nil at theirs to lift the league title ...they are animals and nothing has been done about what is now 3 bottle attacks on our supporters staff and goalkeeper .....the SPFL and SFA are up to their neck in it.
Just a matter of time before one of our players is on the end of a serious assault.
It is the authorities that have allowed these bastards to continue to go unpunished and create this unsafe environment that are totally complicit in pushing our club into the correct and only option we have left to protect our supporters.
No I just can't imagine this scenario at all, if we were winning 4- 0 then aye totally with you 😅


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No I just can't imagine this scenario at all, if we were winning 4- 0 then aye totally with you 😅
They have shown that they can't behave out in public, let alone during a game
Remember Neil Lennon got punched by a Hearts supporter at Tynecastle, the rancid mob wouldn't think twice at attacking our players as the Huns are getting humped by the Hoops, in their own cesspit of hatred
Christ knows what our foreign players must think of them, as they see and hear, the vile hatred spat from their supporters
Coming from somewhat civilized and progressive countries, it must be a culture shock to be bombarded with shouts, never mind missiles
The SFA is a joke, and the MSM is allowed it's agenda of keeping the 'Old Firm' lie going still
I love my country of birth, a but I am thankful I made the move, and although some of their staunch pish rears it's ugly head during the season, even out here, it's quickly dealt with by decent fans from both sides


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You know what surprises me?
It's the fact that some are still moaning that this cheating still goes 2023.
It's always been the same big Jock knew, aye he knew there will never be a level playing field and he was a protestant. Sorry to bring religion into it but it's a fact.
We are the top team in Scottish football and the establishment don't like it. For me, we need a fresh challenge.

Bellshill bhoy

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I'm telling you. I live in England as do many on here. The attitude is, its a 2 team league, they've got lots of fans but we dont want them after Manchester.. The hooligan firms do cos they want a scrap. But England don't want us after Manchester.. and we unfortunately are liked with them.
Deal with it.
Unfortunately most people in engerland see up as the sporting wing of the IRA due to the incessant constant green brigade”s oo-ah, up the ra chants, we have a wide and varied song book, with some beautiful and rousing songs, fields of athenry, grace etc, but on Saturday the wee fanny, just kept belting out that Ira song….🤷‍♂️

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