No sport.. so what you guys watching?


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Is that about the Roman Legions, about the French Foreign Legion or a table full of pensioners grumping over their drinks while playing dominoes at their local British Legion?
It's about a super powerful mutant , if you like things like x-men, hes Charles Xavier's son good stuff if you like the kind of stuff like the marvel films etc
There's MLS football on FreeSports. Not sure how recent the games are but there's loads o them.
Also watched the Bhoys dish oot a few hidings to the filthy Huns on You Tube.
Snowfall is a good show too, about the CIA, Nicaragua, Crack Cocaine and arms dealers and how it all affects black communities in LA. Well worth watching.
I NEVER tire of watching us giving the huns a skelping on YouTube even when the football is on 😉
Hope everyone on here and their family are ok and we all get through the shit that's going on just now .


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Got a present of a box set of Deadwood for Christmas. Loved it first time. Hopefully again.

Tony Soprano

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IT the clown film? I remember being properly shit scared of that when I was a kitten, couldn't look at that fucking clown. Watched it recently and just couldn't give a fuck, things change as you get older, being scared of clowns is one of them apparently!
Aye a mind the killer clowns stories when i was a wee guy 🤣shat it every time a seen a blue van!Think that story went about every scheme in Glasgow haha

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