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Anyone who was at Fir Park last night or watched the match couldn't have helped but notice the lethargy in our play after going 1-0 up through Ryan Christie after 13 minutes

With 7 changes to the team who beat Aberdeen at Hampden on Sunday I for one would have expected a freshness about the side and an eagerness from the fringe players involved to try and make a statement of intent

By fringe players I include Gamboa Hayes and Simunovic and although not really a fringe player as such Griffiths as he's been sidelined for so long

Gamboa looked out of his depth Hayes delivers no end product Simunovic has the ability but doesn't seem to be able to harness it and Griff just looked .... UnGrifflike
Whether he is carrying an injury is psychologically fragile in a strop because French Eddy is above him in the pecking order or something more sinister I don"t know However I DO know he's not the 40 goals a season striker that he was under Ronny Deila

After we went 1 up we scored a perfectly good goal which was chalked off by a referee who had his usual shocker of a game and we then missed a penalty THOSE 2 instances in themselves should have been enough for us to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and change things

N"Cham playing wide left and out of position might have explained in part our deficiencies to an extent last night but even when Sinclair arrived at the start of the 2nd half nothing appeared to change as neither did Edouard replacing Griffiths

Indeed it appeared as if most of the team were sleepwalking and it wasn't until Motherwell equalised in the dying embers that Celtic awoke from their slumbers and upped the pace Too little too feckin' late

Where is the team of a few weeks back who were ripping teams apart and scoring for fun

Can International call ups be in any way responsible for this dip in form? Or perhaps the rigours of an away European match quickly followed by a cup final?

To tell you the truth I have no idea BUT it's not for me to to suss this out There are plenty of people at Lennoxtown and Parkhead being handsomely rewarded for sorting all of this out so I implore and beseech them 'FFS get this sorted out'

We welcome the new league leaders Kilmarnock to Celtic Park on Saturday and if we play in the same poor and lethargic manner as we did last night then we could be looking at dropping even more points

You'd have thought that the possibility of knocking the HUNS off top spot and regaining that position ourselves would have been encouragement enough to have got us out of 2nd gear last night but apparently not

We had to rely on Kilmarnock to topple the HUNS from the pinnacle and in doing so knock us into 3rd place

You can bet your mortgage if you have one that Kilmarnock will be fired up and have adrenalin coursing through their bodies at 3pm on Saturday

We have players at Celtic on contracts worth fortunes whereas the top wage payed to any player at Kilmarnock is £850 a week That's club policy

We still have a great chance to win another Treble We're the only club who are in a position to be able to do that this season Surely that should be motivation enough to get ourselves back on track before we really fuck things up

There are 4 weeks until the Winter break when the players head off to their warm climate training camp and a break with their families When they do let's make sure that we are top of the table with points a plenty to spare

If we do qualify for After Santa European football it's just going to make things that little bit more congested and difficult to achieve that unique TREBLE TREBLE

We love telling others how we're going for 10 IN A ROW How fuckin' embarrassing would it be if we couldn't even acheive 8?

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I sometimes believe we over analyse some games. More often than not players are tired playing weekend then midweek games. I'm not excusing them, I'm just saying this seems to be the case. The thing that surprised me most was Brendan making so many changes at the one time, and with players who are never going to be a first choice in any Celtic side. Maybe some of them can be accommodated but only ever one at a time.
However, all is not lost as we still took home a point and hopefully look forward to the transfer window for some regeneration.

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That's what makes it even more baffling!
I think there's a modern day tendency for managers and coaches to overthink things and use fatigue as an excuse to mix things up.

I think back to the seasons when Celtic played 60 games a season on pudding-like pitches with only 13/14 players.

Most Players love playing football, especially when they're winning. Sometimes you have to protect them from themselves, but if they declare themselves ready then let them play.


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Complacency is this Celtic squad's biggest enemy in Scotland.

Last night second-half the team looked like they were sure 1-0 would do.

I expect us to go for the Killie jugular now that our dominance has been challenged. Wouldn't be surprised if we beat them by 3 or 4 on Saturday - these players perform best when they have a point to prove.

So let's hope the Huns keep yapping like psychotic wee demented dugs too and the Celtic caravan rolls right over their ugly heids on the 29th.