50 Shades of Green

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And to think I was glad when we never made it into the Champions league group stage incase we got hammered 😡.

One or two should either be shown the door or rested for a long time.

If we had tried to blood a few younger players and guys that fill the bench every week some of us would perhaps understand that performance, then again the squad guys and younger players would never have played like that.

Neil imho is now or near his last chance saloon game.

Folk have blamed our defenders our strikers and our keepers this season so far at various times. Me, I think our midfield is disjointed last night other than Ryan the rest were no shows they are a mile away from our strikers when we attack and a mile away from the defence when we "try to defend " passing was shocking last night.

Sort the formation Neil or I'm afraid as one of your stalwarts on here it pains me to say it, but it will be time to go.