Ollie Burke


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I watched the match again and Burkes movement is generally very good, he is on the move and is stretching defences more than Eddie does naturally.
Some of that movement being off the ball goes unnoticed as you watch live and the ball in play.
There was a cross from Sinclair in first half that hit the arm of their defender, Burke was involved in the build up was there having made up 5 yards just outside the box to beat their defence. Watch again and see his run is very Hooper like! around 38 mins matchtime

For someone who has not had much recent game time, he made the opportunity for Sinclairs tap in and it was a parry from his very well taken turn and shoot on edge of box that Sinclair had a good goal chalked off. around 66 mins

Looks a very good player and can see why the big money ideas, he needs match fitness and confidence to produce.

Looks a Bulldozer Hartson type strength, but fast!
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