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Coz Bungle's a teddy bear and there's mair than enough o' they fuckers goin aboot as it is.

George the horse/hippo/pink elephant thing would be the perfect keeper as his arse is very adept at absorbing penetrating balls.

Aye fair point SP that weird George thingy always gave the impression it was quite adept at....ahem....handling baws! Ooooooh Geoffrey 馃槀(y)

John n贸

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Shall be interesting to see how we shall approach Thursdays match with the semi final on Sunday. As it is always a guess with a lenny team selection nowadays, I think he may well start a good few who haven't seen much game time. Soro, Turnbull, Taylor, polish paddy etc


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Ok, so when all players are fit, on form and available, what is our strongest, most settled team to take us to the league??
For me it's -


El Hamed, Julien, Ajer , Taylor

Brown McGregor

Forrest Rogic Christie


We need a settled team....been far too many changes to the line up
you would put in Taylor before Diego? You must be his agent or his da.
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