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Sorry Shammy we can't bash you anymore as its offensive to people who aren't you.
I would appreciate if you didn't call me Loopy anymore as it may offend someone who isn't me.
While we're curing problems that aren't problems......
I wont be taking the piss out of Stevie for being incompetent anymore incase it offends an incompetent person who isn't Stevie.
Nobody should take the piss out of MDs considerable age anymore incase Methusula joins and feels left out.
And Kelly, if you bad mouth cats again am gonna boot you right in the baws!
(Sorry if that last sentence offended anyone)

PC world is fun!
After careful consideration, i have determined your last comment as being overtly offensive and aggressive and the free offer of violence ,i find detrimental to a football forum
As you will be aware i do not give a flying fk and say with all confidence bring it on ya fanny

All cats were kicked at the time of this post as part of my training programe