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When I lived down south mate my neighbour was 84 and she was a land girl during ww2 and she was my best pal when I lived down there, she was the youngest of 7 children they all called her littleun! God bless you Iris x
Pair of cnuts conned their way into her house and stole her pension and some of her possessions while I was away one day, id happily give 10 grand to get my hands on the bastards.


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Iris' sister Hazel lived a couple of miles away from us, she was 86 and was in the army during the war, she was in Berlin in the 40s I'm pretty sure she was a spy! She was tiny about 4 foot 8 (Shammy) some prick broke into her house one day and Hazel beat the shit out of him with the poker from the fire! Proper smashed the cunt!
She phoned me after it but by the time I turned up Hazel and Iris were sat there having a cup of tea pissing themselves laughing!
They used to make them tough! 😹

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