Police to investigate!!!!


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The whole post was about the fact the police are investigating sectarian abuse...that they could have dealt with there and then fuck sake. Take a pill cairnsey!! 🤣🤣 the double standards refers to police swinging batons above their heads against celtic fans. Or Kettling them when they walk up the gallowgate. I said before that players need to have thick skin as abuse is part of the game so I have no issue with the players having to take a bit of stick. The whole thread was started due to the fact celtic fans have been battered from pillar to post by the media and police for breaking lockdown rules and told how disgraceful they are for shouting abuse at the celtic players and here you see police standing, arms folded without a care in the world. Double standards....

How long till I get called a hun...everyone else on here seems to be one. Bollocks
Am orite mate but am not accepting that shite affy sum fool who disnae even post on the site I shall now shut the fuck up its dinner time 😁