Positive thread….all good comments in here


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I used like the Shadow1 -2 was ok then he won the lottery turned inti a pizza positive muncher how the michty huv fallin.
ize only jokin Shadow’s nice honest I’m positive aboot that Mon the Shadow 👏
Oh and we’re gonna steamroll all over the sheep 🐑 the morra so
Mon the Hoops

HH 🍀

Shadow2....one of those rare occasions when the sequel was far superior to the original JamSam! ;) (Ain't that right Steviebhoy!😂)


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Bellshill bhoy

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Every day I wake up a Celtic fan, go to work with a smile, tolerant of all peoples of every colour and religious groups……I could have been born into a blue family, wake up with a scowl oan ma face, been oan the dole, hate everyone, being a racist bigoted Union Jack waving hun

it’s great to be in the Celtic family 🍀💚

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