Positive thread….all good comments in here


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Great stuff BB all about positivity 👍 too much negativity around our brand spanking new team. If this new side can stay within touching distance until the next window or even better that theres no reason to think that our side cant take back what's ours HH ☘

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Well we are really short of HGV drivers down here so fingers crossed for the big man!!!....hope he gets that call. Do we know if is from BP or esso?? As much info as possible please cause my BP hasn't had fuel for ages now. Why is it just English companies phoning him then?? Are scottish ones not looking for anyone?? Anyway, like I said. Good luck to him!!

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Getting a bit fed up with all the negative stuff on the site……as thumper said in the film bambi….”if you can’t say anything nice….don’t say anything at all”

I’ll kick off

This Celtic team is gonna click soon, all the pieces are coming together, yes there have been some bumps along the road, key players are come back from injury, there was spells at the start of both half’s on Thursday against the Germans, we had them rattled, remember they are the 2nd placed team in the 2nd best league in the world, we just need to keep up the intensity, hit them hard, hit them fast, play Celtic football, when we do that no one in this league or indeed the world can match us……

come on bhoys and ghirls post yir uplifting comments on here….

Faithful though and through….Hail Hail💚🍀
Hi Bellshill Bhoy,

.”if you can’t say anything nice….don’t say anything at all”


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