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Joe Hert...

“We are here every day, trying to put things right and trying to perform,” he said. “And we do believe we are close. That is only going to frustrate people on the outside. It is and we know that. But there is no point coming this far to not see through what we are trying to do.

“Look, we would love to not have the short-term pain, but we are going to have to take that. We are going to have to make it as short-term as possible because it is no fun losing games. But we believe in the process and we are behind what he is doing.

“Yes, it is a risky way of playing football, but when you really, really break it down, which he does for us, he doesn’t expect us to just walk out there and play total football. Yes, it’s a different way of playing to maybe how other teams are doing things. But we have got a top coach with a good coaching team behind him who also believe in what they’re doing.”

Hart continued: “It is why we play football. Me personally? I love it. I love the fact that I am 34-years-old and I am learning a new style of play, new parts that I can personally do. All the information is there for us, every single bit of information for us to play this way is there.

“I am really enjoying the challenge. I am immensely proud to be up here and be part of this club. However I am playing, I want to be on the winning team. I am loving the new challenge of this style of play that I have maybe not been given the chance to play before.

“I will be honest, I didn’t know if I could play it. But I feel comfortable in it and feel I am representing myself well. But it is not about me. It is about the team, it is about us getting results.”

“We take it all together,” he said. “We are a group, we are a team. The manager is included in that team. He stands up for us because he believes in what he is trying to do and we believe in what he is trying to do. He has to come in and do three or four of these a week at the moment. But he speaks for us and we speak for him.”
I am pleasantly surprised how much Jor Hart has bought into this. He would've been my first contender to think he was bigger than Scottish football and not try a leg but he's been brand new. Glad to be wrong. 🍀

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The only problem with that is she could only die once.
And it would never have been as painful as I would have made it.
But she's in Hell, great. I suppose. I'd have been a lot more creative with that cunt but, you know, hey ho. 👋

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