Post - Lockdown , Whats the plan?


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I was up at Aviemore a couple of years ago, stayin in wan o thon log cabins, got up early wan morning and there was a heron grabbed a wee rabbit....Swallowed it whole......:(
My koi was too big and heavy for it. He did get a couple of smaller ones tho. My favourite was just floating. When i got him he was 4 inch long. When he died he was about 8 inch round the middle and a beauty. Gold and white. Used to eat from my fingers. Fekn hate herons ever since😢

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Listen if I'm seem to be rambling on a bit it's only because I'm celebrating 9iar I know they haven't announced it yet but what the fuck .anyway the cup final against hearts last season I was in the felons with a few mates the craic was great the place was packed I was up at the bar waiting to get served started talking to this man turns out he was from a celtic supporters club from derry came down to the felons to watch the match like everyone else who was thier they loved it next thing I get a text my son and all his football team who had won the leauge where up in Derry celebrating they stopped of at the ponderosa by the way is the highest pub in Ireland ok he's taking to some man says he's heading down to belfast to watch the celtic hearts final so he sent me a picture of everyone outside the ponderosa most of them had celtic tops on its a great picture very proud of it it's still on my phone any way we have about 50 people heading up to derry to watch the final up thier and about 50 people coming down to belfast to watch it down here love the derry people salt of the earth my son and his football team all said it won't be long before thier back it's a lovely place with lovely people keep er lite derry.
Theres a Ponderosa in Glasgow mate ,a well known gangsters old house ,good tim area 😂


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The ability to do the mundane things ,like shopping,and walking into a shop to get what you want is gonna drastically change ,and I feel not for the better ?
True Ray that's going to change, most folks are doing their best to adhere to the 2metre distancing but others seem oblivious to social distancing and that can be infuriating at times. I think social distancing might be here to stay for some time ☘