Quick fix required...


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I doubt there's many in here who can still cobble together much of a defence for NL.

Even his most faithful supporters on here recognise his time's now at an end.

"The Ten" is now ALL that matters this season and if we're going to get it there has to be some rapid action.

Everyone says, "who can we get to replace him?"

There's LOADS of managers (and quality one's at that) who would jump at the chance of the Celtic job.

We don't necessarily need a long term replacement just now. What we need is someone to come in and give us an almighty bounce to the season's end.

Guys like Mauricio Pochettino, Marco Silva, Quique Setién, Masimillano Allegro, Laurent Blanc, Ernesto Valverde, are all available just now.

Are you going to tell me that not one of these guys would take a chance at putting his name firmly back in the shop window in the same way the rat did?

Games in the Europa League, a semi and possiblity of a cup final upcoming and the chance to go head to head with (like it or not) a footballing legend in Slippy G.

The media would be in a frenzy and salivating just at the thought of it.

We need an immediate bounce back from this and I doubt there'd be many managers currently out of work (even the massive names) that wouldn't see the upside to a Celtic Park appointment.