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That's another thing that breaks my heart, 50. Staffies are another breed that get a bum rap in the UK, yet they are playful, loyal, loving and protective.

It's the idiots again that want to be the big shots that have led to these beautiful creatures being persecuted. You know the saying: "no such thing as a bad dog..........."

Condolences on your family's loss, 50. Gracie will never be forgotten and I'm sure that she taught your younger folk the value of pure love.

RIP good lassie.
my brother owned a wee black staff when I was 17 she was a great dog use to walk her a lot any way he mated her with another staff and she was having difficulty giving birth he was saying he might get he put down because it would cost to much to have the vet give her a cizerian I nearly died the thought of our smasher being put down I managed to get the 40 quid together and paid the vet she had the pups and lived a good life your right sp staffs get a bump rap it's how they're bought up if you treat any dog bad they become bad it doesn't have to be a staff they are a loveable dog part of the family smasher lived a good life 40 quid was a lot of money back then it's the best money I ever spent.

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