Rangers appeal six-match bans for five players after breaching Covid-19 regulations Rangers players Nathan Patterson, Bongani Zungu, Calvin Bassey,


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Old co is like a bike lying in the clyde unrepairable and unsellable. Remember king said.

Pay the face painter ya clown and yer taxes.
Historically from the books ive been reading, certain classes/estates were tax exempt or very low proportionally

The taxes were always the domain of the under estate classes

Burgher classes- city builders- masons where always tier 3 class upper middle class in modern times would probably fit that old tier. from upper middle class to pinnacle of land owners the tax rates they paid were usually equivalent to zero.

tax is not fora peepo

its for the less than socererors apprentice levels

the villeins, the serfs, the proletariat

Weird that despite feudalism ending the same peepo who spent the taxes never actually contributed to it in any meaningful way

Burgher meister city controlling has its percs

and the 4th estate is the apprentice class

keep them taxes coming in for the spenders

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