Rare Centre Back Continuity Brings Reward

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The midterm reports continue with consideration of the centre backs. Once again injury intervened but Celtic now have a more settled pair than at any time since 2014/15. The comparisons with Denayer and Van Dijk don’t end there. Which won’t suit the narrative of those who major on Ajer’s flaws in particular. Read on.


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Thanks CBN, fantastic analysis of our defense over the last few years.
For me, Bitton gives me the fear every time he's on the pitch, especially when he's at the backline. His distribution is okay but in a lot of ways I've never considered him good enough for Celtic although he's a bit better now than when he arrived, should've been punted in the summer especially when we got El Hamed in who I like the look of a lot.
Agree that Ajer does go to ground too often and does wander from his man a bit but he is a highly impressive player, more than worthy of the shirt.
Keep up the great work CBN👍