Retro Celtic Taps


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This is my favourite Celtic shirt, signed by Martin O'Neill & his Treble Winners
Passed it on, to my Granddaughter
I built a house for a guy years ago and when it was finished he was a happy camper and gave me a signed Henrik shirt that the man himself had worn! Being a generous kind of dick I gave it to my assistant manager who had young kids and were all big Celtic fans. Regretted it ever since 😿


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The 2012-2013 home top i have long sleeve brand new with tags ,fella (dosen't keep so good) i know in Donegal used to get me to buy a home top for him every year long sleeve bring it over for him
So 2012 -2013 season i goes into kerrydale street to get his top out the club shop and see's Donati in the car park signing tops , so rushes into the shop gets the fellas top and gets Donati to sign it on the arm , phones yer man up later on that night tells him the good news got his top and it's signed by Donati ,he goes mental cursing like feck and hangs up

Next morning i changed my ferry time rerouted myself to Celtic park and buys a 2nd top long sleeve ,arrives in Donegal 8hrs later to be met with ,,,,,,wheres ma signed top

He's passed now funny thing was every year after that he would order his top and the player he wanted to sign it ,like it was a regular occurance
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