Riga FC v Celtic - Europa League, Thursday 24 Sept - all comments here (kick-off 6pm Celtic Park Time)

Winning Captains

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Lennon's interview on Celtic TV before the Riga game put the fear in me. He used the word 'TRY" several times so obviously doers not know that TRY means fail to the subconscious. It is the worst sabotage word in the language. I so wish I could do a video link with someone at Celtic to explain this.

Bridie Bhoy

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Apparently the Celtic game available for £1 tonight by subscribing to Premier sports and use the code SERIEA1.

Also one going- CELTIC499 for £4.99

Worth trying either as they are normally a tenner.
How does that work Niall? Can it be done through a Sky Q box, or do you have to register by phone/online? I've never had Premier Sports before.