Riga FC v Celtic - Europa League, Thursday 24 Sept - all comments here (kick-off 6pm Celtic Park Time)


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The left back position still being up in the air is utterly disgraceful.

I love wee Taylor for his balls out approach to every game. He leaves absolutely everything on that pitch. If the rest of the squad gave the same kind of effort we'd have dropped zero points this season and we might still be in the Champions League.

Attitude is something that only the individual player can control. Far too many in the squad are simply not giving everything for cause in every game.

When you consider the pay these guys get, running yourself to a standstill during a match should be the very least we get to see happening.

Despite his limited abilities, Taylor is a shining light to the rest of the squad in regards to the attitude needed to be a Celtic player.
Too many are ready to crucify the wee man
At Kilmarnock, he played well at left back against us, and he is now being asked to adapt to a new system, he's not used to
You can't fault his commitment, he always gives 100%
Hopefully, we get another left back, maybe Douglas, or Doughty, who knows ?
No matter what, we're behind the team

John nó

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Lennon said after the game that Forrest had been carrying an injury. Why start him?
He also said Brown had got an injury during the game. “Thought he would maybe have to come off, but he managed the 90 minutes”. Why leave him on? He had replacements on the bench.
If anyone can work out lennons decision making at the moment please let us all know, as haven't seen anyone yet to be able to explain them. All it is doing is giving us on the noise plenty to shite talk about


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Like nearly every match this season, there is a lot of angst about the performance of the team and NL's formations and tactics which are mystifying even those with a better understanding of these things than I have.

Many come on here and criticise NL and/or the team and many others come on and back him and/or the team. If people want to do so, that is their opinion and they are entitled to that. People shouldn't really be getting it in the neck for criticising him or the team or, for that matter, supporting him or the team and for doing so in an open forum. I thought the only closed forums are where the huns indulge in goat glorification.

I, for one, am sceptical about NL and this is probably exaggerated by NL describing the performances and "outstanding" and "fantastic". I missed the other night's game because I was working late and will have to watch it back but from the performances that I have seen this season and a lot of the comments on here, I am not expecting to see anything other than what would have been a nerve-shredding performance if I had been watching it live.

Some say that NL is a former player, he has been though a lot, he must be under a lot of pressure. WGS and the Snake never played for us but they did well enough so I would argue that having played for us, whilst a benefit, is not the main qualification (eg Tony Mowbray, Lou Macari); NL came back to Celtic and knew what the demands would be so if he didn't want to be challenged, he should have turned down PL's offer; NL may be under pressure but he knew it would be so in the supporters' quest for the 10 and he gets paid plenty for being under the pressure.

NL and the players, as I have said before (so am probably sounding like a scratched record) are professional sportsmen who get paid plenty to perform and more than most of the others in Scotland. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to expect Celtic to win every game. This is not based on entitlement like the manky mob but on the rationale that a player earning £15k a week is better than one earning £3k a week and if a team of players on £165k a week turns up with the same attitude as a team of players on £33k a week, the team earning £132k per week more would be expected to win.

I read the post from Fisiani and. though long, it makes a valid point. The players shouldn't be going into games thinking that they could miss a crucial tackle, drop the ball or send a shot into the roof of the stand instead of the roof of the net. They need to be thinking that they are good players so they know that they will take the ball off an opposing player, catch the ball like there is glue on the gloves and get every shot on target and away from the opposing 'keeper. A shorter way of explaining it would use the film The Rock. The Nicholas Cage character Stanley Goodspeed says to Sean Connery's character John Mason (I know, a bad choice!) "I'll do my best" to which the response was "Your best? Losers always whine about 'their best'. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

I used to run in races and though I wasn't going to win in most of them, I had to go into them knowing that I could keep going at a target pace to get the time I wanted or beat the other people from my club who would have beaten me if I hadn't kept the hammer down. (Mind you, I wasn't getting £15k a week for that... or even £3k!) Celtic players need to go into matches knowing that they will win if they perform to their ability and I would hope that they do.


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If at first you don't succeed TRY and TRY again. The world admires a TRIER. 🤣
Aberdeen tried in Europe -They failed.
Motherwell tried and they failed.
Celtic won. They did not try
I went to the trouble of carefully explaining how the word try sounds good but is actually the worst sabotaging word in English along with its linguistic cousins. Nothing in any patronising about that. Nothing smart about that. Just insightful. I've been disappointed at the blinkered inability to see how totally wrong the statement above is. The world actually admires a WINNER. We have been trying to win Europe since 1967. We have failed. We never say that the winner tried. We only use that word for losers. So carry on trying if you want. It's a linguistic trap. Even Yoda knows that there is no try.


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So if I decided I wanted to try and run a marathon ( stop laughing you) and I'm then successful in my endeavor, I didn't actually try???
If you were successful then you ran it. If you did not finish then at least you tried. (loser) I am correct. Ask any psychologist. Read my post again but carefully.


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So if I decided I wanted to try and run a marathon ( stop laughing you) and I'm then successful in my endeavor, I didn't actually try???
Fisiani's point is that you would be telling people that you had run a marathon. You would only be telling people that you tried if, for example, you had got to 20 miles and then jumped on the sweep-up bus.
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Fisiani's point is that you would be telling people that you had run a marathon. You would only be telling people that you tried if you had got to 20 miles and then jumped on the sweep-up bus.
And what if you tried tae send peo💤💤💤💤💤💤💤