Riga FC v Celtic - Europa League, Thursday 24 Sept - all comments here (kick-off 6pm Celtic Park Time)

Bridie Bhoy

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Bittons been the stand out of the game so far and frimpong , remeber the days when cross's used to get fired into box early , now there as rare as hens teeth again we looked to have learned nothing ffs stop tryn to walk it into the net
Don't worry - Bitton will be dropped for the Hibs game. Frimpong achieved more in his first 3 minutes than Jamesie managed in over 30 minutes.


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Riga FC v Celtic – “We’re lucky that we have Scott Brown as the captain" Greg Taylor

ten mins into the second half and we look clueless. Taylor and Edouard in particular. When will Lennon realise this ain't working and FUCKING CHANGE things. Never been one to doubt the manager, BUT things they are a changin.