RIP Hayley Hartson

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The Hartson family haven't had their troubles to seek and my heart goes out to them at the terrible loss of a beautiful young woman.

I was sceptical when John signed for Celtic. I bought into the media profile which implied that he was a thuggish brute. It's true that he is a warrior and a hard man to shake off, but his off-field profile and his soft Welsh accent belied his on-field persona.

John has been completely open and honest about his domestic, social and health problems. His brave fight with cancer managed to endear him even more to Celtic fans, but he did not fight alone. It was the support, courage and encouragement of his sisters that kept him battling.

We may not know Hayley personally, but we know the character of the Hartson family and this must be a devastating blow to those who knew and loved her.

I hope that John continues to keep her memory alive and I pray her family can find peace and comfort in their memories of Hayley.

God be with you, lass and may you rest in peace

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