Round of applause for our NHS workers!!

Spherical Planet

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Have to admit I had a wee tear in my eye as i thought of what a toll this must be taking on some of the workers at the frontline who are overworked and afraid they take anything home to their own families.
And never underestimate your own role, Shammy. Without you and others like you, there would be hundreds of thousands of vulnerable folk without capacity who would be left defenceless.

Take your own wee bow, hen.


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Was out applauding, so was half the street. Few of the neighbours are NHS workers long hard 12Γ—4 shifts 2 days off, back in again for a pittance of a wage, yet MSPs like mine who is totally useless, gets Β£61,776+expenses, while nurses average Β£26,900. If anything comes as a reward it's a 50% payrise

#KeepTheNHSFree #NoPrivatisation #GiveNursesA50%PayRise