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When are we going to wise up?

Operation stop Celtic is in overdrive.....the forces that hate us will be doing EVERYTHING they can to divide and undermine our Club and that will extend to this forum.

By all means let’s give an opinion and state what is bothering us.....but let it be based on truth and fact and not on unsubstantiated rumour and innuendo.

We need to close ranks imo.....or we will be doing the work of those whose modus operandi is to see us implode and fail

Unite for the fight!


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If you want to read gullibilly shite

A wee flavour of this shite
"As I continually tell you on this blog Rangers are in a strong financial position, we have solid investors behind us and that financial assurances were easily given to Wilson. These scaremongering stories that appear about our club continue to be shown up as nonsense with every passing minute, just as I told you there was no £10m bill for Sports Direct either and there won’t be anytime soon."

I reckon this dude is in to sell off players and maintain the old going nowhere players McGregor etc.


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