Russia v Scotland - Thursday 10 October kick-off 7.45pm


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Aye well thats was an absolutely shite 2nd half, Robertson was great in the 1st half & absolute shambles in the 2nd,also midfield when missing in 2nd half, Burke up front, naw you need someone in front of him.
But the Ruskis are no mugs & they punished, every mistake made in the 2nd half, it could've been a lot more than 4-0.

Anyway on to Sunday & San Marino. Aye the freeloaders maybe didn't go in the numbers expected tae Moscow, but 160 delegates going to Cyprus of course sunshine & a Saturday KO 3pm, 4 delegates per club, 42 clubs, Celtic & Rangers usually send 1 per game. Wonder how many of those clubs sending the max of 4 are PL clubs.


These cvnts are taking money out of the game, with the fancy wines, expensive malt Whisky's. Makes me sick when abroad & you see these cvnts with their blazers on, thinking they're someone fuckin important.


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It's embarrassing being Scottish, when you've got that crap, representing your country
How did Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland overtake us, in terms of quality and fluidity ?
They get results, we just stumble, from bad, to worse