Ryan Christie shuts down social media


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Ryan Christie made a mistake on Sunday. Was it the reason we lost? No way. If the rest of the players on the park had cared as much as Ryan they would have won. I've more respect for a player who tries too hard and makes a mistake than those who don't try at all.
I would have been happy seeing all players going in were it hurts even if it meant 10 sending offs, we are not here to take second prize cheapshots and just accept it.

Michael D

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Now that the hysteria of trying to find a scapegoat for that match has abated a bit, let's draw breath and review what went on and our subsequent reactions.

Firstly and most importantly, for all those that flung shit at Ryan Christie suggesting he was to blame, even partly, for that shambles of a performance, shame on you!
Fantastic player that made a rare mistake.
If it had been a regular game, moans and groans about a poor team performance. And then we'd move on.
But because this was a hugely significant game in that it let the manky mob crawl to the top of the pile for a week or two, the knives were out. For Christie, for referee, for anything or anyone we could blame it on. Let's stop the hysteria. We were shite.

Respect you very much, Neil Lennon.
You've given us some great performances over the years. Both as player and manager.
But your selection and subsequent decisions on Sunday must take some part of the blame.


That Idiot Alex Rae stated the Ryan Christie's tackle was the worse he had seen. Rae's memory must have deserted him, as one of the worst I remember was Rae standing on an opposing player head in a european mid week game
Who the Rangers legend?Laugh everytime a hear that 😂