michael duffy

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see that Roy the replicant phuq,that's seen all sorts of shit,well i've seen the Lions,seen our 9 in a row,seen us when we were feared throughout europe,seen the quality street gang,seen us phuq up the ebt's 10 in a row,seen us pump barcelona on our 125th birthday,seen 8 in a row,seen a rebel treble treble ah'm one lucky bhoy,or ould fecker,COYBIG,forever Celtic, geeza Stella Hail Hail!!!!!


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And kudo's for stickin up for big bad mad mental Mika,and Lenny,the man who'll take us tae 10!
Agree. I've said several times on these, ahem, hallowed forum pages that I would hate to see Lustig go, and Sandman states why.

As for Lenny, he's the man of the hour, pure and simple. He saved the season, and he is Celtic to the core.

A couple of further observations:

-- KT as Captain America. Nice touch, Sandman.

-- I have a "honorable mention" for Dedryck's moment of the season: His header to Broony late in the game against Killie when, as legend now has it, "Scott Brown won the league at Rugby Park."



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Cannot agree with pyrotechnics. Spoiled petulant utterly self obsessed sociopaths who care not a jot for the predictable consequences of their continued selfishness. If it happens again i would close the Green Brigade section for at least three home games. They have to learn that just like in football there are rules. Give pyro the Red card!

Niall J

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Sandman. That was just brilliant. You sir are a bona fide genius. All I can do is print this, laminate it and preserve it long enough for my 4 year old to be old enough to read it without the need for counselling or dad getting social services chapping the door. Many ways to learn the history :) Never stop!
And everything else aside for taking the time every week to make it happen (and God knows how long this one took you). As Icafiero says 'Hat tip sir'